Current Paintings


If you’re around Parker, CO, some of these paintings are in Beautiful Art Picture Framing and Art Gallery, 19501 E. Mainstreet, Suite 103. We rotate (replace) three or four about every couple of months or when the mood strikes.

Visit to see if anything special is going on.

Starting in September of 2017, the most recent ones are first. I don’t know why I didn’t start out that way but I didn’t.

Present down to September 2013

In the Woods Upper Cottonwood Creek. 16x20JPG.JPG

In the Woods Upper Cottonwood Creek 16×20

October Cottonwood Creek 16x20.JPG







In the Woods Upper Cottonwood Creek 16×20

Moonlght Passage 12x16.jpg

Moonlight Passage 12×16

Morning Perspective 16x20.jpeg

Morning Perspective 16×20

Random Light 16x20.jpg

Random Light 16×20

Partly Sunny 12x16.jpg

Partly Sunny 12×16

January South Platte 16x20.jpeg

January South Platte 16×20


April Morning 12x16.jpeg

April Morning 12×16

Morining at 10 Below 12x16.jpeg

Morning  at 10 Below  12×16


Cataract 12×16

September Sunflowers..jpg

September Sunflowers  16×20

Early Fall Bear Creek.jpg

Early Fall, Bear Creek  12×16

Yesterday's Rain 11x14.jpeg

Yesterday’s Rain  11×14

August, South Platte 16x20.jpg

August, South Platte 16×20

October South Platte.jpeg

October, South Platte  16×20

December South Platte.jpeg

December, South Platte  16×20

Bear Creek Reflections 11x14.jpeg

Bear Creek Reflections 11×14 SOLD

Bear Creek Riffle 11x11.jpg

Bear Creek riffle 11×11

Chalk Creek no.2 16x20.jpg

Chalk Creek no.2 14×18

Summer Aspen 12x16.jpeg

Summer Aspen 12×16

Castlewood Canyon 12x16.jpg

Castlewood Canyon 12×16

Leaving the Nest 9x12.jpg

Leaving the Nest 9×12

July Aspen 16x20.jpg

July Aspen 16×20

Fall Fog 11x14.jpg

Fall Fog 11×14

Fall colors 11x14.jpg

Fall Colors 11×14

Blacbird Bend 12x16.jpg

Blackbird Bend 12×16 at Blackbird, Kittredge, CO

December, Cottonwood Creek.jpg

Into the Light 12×16 SOLD

December 18 2017 (Cottonwood Creek) 16x20.jpg

December 18,2017,  Cottonwood Creek 16×20

December 2017, Cottonwood Creek.jpg

December 2017, Cottonwood Creek 11×14

Winter Light, Cottonwood Creek.jpg

Winter Light, Cottonwood Creek 11×14

December 18, Cottonwood Creek.jpg

December 18, Cottonwood Creek 11×14

September Aspen 2016.jpg

September Aspen 2016 12×16

September Aspen,2014.jpg

September Aspen, 2014 12×16

Corvid Congress.jpg

A Corvid Congress 11×14 at Blackbird, Kittredge, CO

Comanche Moon 11x14.jpg

Comanche Moon 11×14

Cottonwood Creek, November Afternoon 12x16.jpg

Cottonwood Creek, November Afternoon 12×16

Cottonwood Creek, east of the Bridge 11x14.jpg

Cottonwood Creek, East From the Bridge 11×14 SOLD

Running Creek Bottom October 16x20.jpg

Running Creek Bottom October 16×20

Bear Creek October 16x20.jpg

Bear Creek October 16×20 at Blackbird, Kittredge, CO

Cottonwood Creek November 11x14.jpg

Cottonwood Creek November 11×14

CR91 No outlet (Elbert County) 16x20JPG.JPG

CR 91, No Outlet (Elbert County, rabbit bush with sunflowers) 16×20


August, Elbert County Road 98  !6×20

Rabbit Bush in the Morning 16x20.JPG

Rabbit Bush in the Morning 16×20


Road not Travelled 12×16

The following were done between September 2013 and September 2017and are in no particular order.

Yucca and Yellow Clover, CR 95 2016.JPG

Yucca and Yellow Clover 16×20

 Chalk Creek at Hot Springs 16x20.jpg

Chalk Creek at Hot Springs 16×20

CR13 Morning 16x20.jpg

County Road 13 Morning  16×20 (won a red ribbon at the Elbert County 2015 Fair)

Paired Up #2  11x14 .jpg

Paired Up #2 11×14

Winter Grass 11x14 .jpg

Winter Grass 11×14

November, Chalk Creek.jpg

November on Chalk Creek  16×20

Running Creek at Prairie's Edge.JPG

Running Creek at Prairie’s Edge  16×20

Rain at Sunset (near Agate).JPG

Rain at Sunset  12×16

Cherry Creek Trail #2.JPG

Cherry Creek Trail #2  16×20

Cherry Creek Trail.JPG

Cherry Creek Trail  16×20 SOLD

Trout Creek Pass.jpg

Trout Creek Pass   12×16

Sept morning  Creek.jpg

September Morning, Cottonwood Creek 16×20 SOLD

Prelude to Sunset.jpg

Prelude to Sunset 16×20

Cr21 Elbert County 16x20.jpg

County Road 21 16×20 (sold)

Sundrops off CR 95 2016.JPG

Sundrops off County Road 95 16×20

Homestead CR 86.2016JPG.JPG

Homestead County Road 86 12×16

Comanche Creek and Rabbit Bush 16x24.jpg

Comanche Creek 16×24

Monument Valley Morning 16x20.jpg

Monument Valley 16×20

Snowmelt 2016.JPG

Snowmelt 16×20


Running Creek Bottom 16×20

Elbert County Still Life 11x14.jpg

Elbert County Still Life 11×14

Low Tide at Land's End (Ireland) 11x14 .jpg

Low Tide at Land’s End (Ireland) 11×14

Brushy Creek 18x24.jpg

Brushy Creek 18×24

On the Edge.JPG

On the Edge 16×20

Holding on to Summer 16x20.jpg

Holding on to Summer 16×20


Rainbow 12×16


November, Running Creek 16×20

November Morning.JPG

November Morning 16×20

Snow Atop Devil's Head.JPG

Snow Atop Devil’s Head 16×20 (won a red ribbon at the Elbert County 2017 Fair) SOLD

Pike's Peak from Devil's Head9.JPG

Pike’s Peak from Devil’s Head 16×20

December Along Chalk Creek.JPG

December Along Chalk Creek 12×16

The Trail Aspenglow 1.JPG

The Trail: Aspenglow 16×20 (from a photo by Hannah Button)

Thin Ice on Running Creek.JPG

Thin Ice on Running Creek  16×20 SOLD

Winter Kill 12x16.JPG

Winter Kill 12×16

Blown Down 16x20.JPG

Blown Down 16×20

January Morning., Running Creek16x20JPG.JPG

January morning, Running Creek 16×20 SOLD

Running Creek Shadows 16x20.JPG

Running Creek Shadows 16×20

Deadfall a 16x20.JPG

Deadfall 16×20 (won a blue ribbon at the Elbert county 2017 Fair)


Winter Along Kiowa Creek 12×16

Mountain Morning.JPG

Mountain Morning 16×20

Mountain Sunrise.JPG

Mountain Sunrise 16×20

pikes peak.JPG

Pikes Peak 11×14

Mt Evans.JPG

Mt Evans 16×20

January Cottonwood Creek.JPG

January, Cottonwood Creek 16×20

May, Running Creek.JPG

May, Running Creek 16×20

Suset on the River of Grass.JPG

Sunset on the River of Grass (Florida Everglades) 16×20 SOLD

Summer Aspen.JPG

Summer Aspen 16×20 SOLD

On the North Rim (Grand Canyon)JPG.JPG

On the North Rim 16×20 (Grand Canyon)

Rain on the Way.JPG

Rain on the Way 12×16

Shadows & Light.JPG

Shadows & Light 16×20


Cloud Shadow (North Rim, Grand Canyon) 12×16

Scattered Showers 16x20.JPG

Scattered Showers 16×20

Home on the Range 12x16.JPG

Home on the Range 12×16

Mt. Evans Spring.JPG

Mt. Evans Spring 16×20

Prickly Poppies.JPG

Prickly Poppies 9×12

Winter on the Way.JPG

Winter on the Way 16×20

CR194, east.JPG

CR194, East 14×18

View from the Top of Devil's Head.JPG

From the Top of Devil’s Head 16×20

On the Edge orf the North Rim.JPG

On the Edge of the North Rim 16×20